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Strategy Academy is one of many activities contributing to VMCG's business development, in addition to the regular Mentors & Founders seminar series as well as significant contributions to Startup Advisory Organization Vietnam Mentor Initiative (VMI), Investment Network InvestUp, and Young Leader Incubator for the digital era - Young Digital Leader Incubator  (YDLI)...

The first business strategy academy has an exclusive multi-functional digital platform and membership program!

Our programs

Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy

- The concept of Blue Ocean and Red Ocean

- The importance of Blue Ocean strategy in the 4.0 era

- Blue Ocean Construction Techniques

Membership Program Strategy

Membership Program Strategy

- What is Member and Network Economics and how new economic models change the world

- Introduction to the Platform Business Model

- How to apply the membership model to attract old customers and retain loyal customers

- Some case studies from Platform and Network models around the world

Digital Platform Strategy

Digital Platform Strategy

- Concept, strategic thinking, applications as well as the power of Digital Platform and Network Economy

- The construction and components of Digital Platform

- How Digital Platforms operate and revenue model

- How to create strategic advantage from Digital Platforms

Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Artificial Intelligence Strategy

- Concept and importance of Data in the 4.0 era

- An overview of the work model of functions such as BI, Data Science or Artificial Intelligence

- Analysis of Basic Data

- Tools for building Data Strategy models

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