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Founded in 2007, VMCG Capital is a leading holding company driving investments across diverse businesses in Vietnam. Our journey is defined by commitment, experience, and a global vision, marked by resilience and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Our success is rooted in adept portfolio management and strategic consultancy, embodying core values of integrity, optimization, innovation, global standards, full commitment, and life-long learning. As industry leaders, we navigate the intricacies of the Vietnamese market with finesse.

Beyond conventional investment, VMCG Capital engages in mentoring programs and operates impactful incubators like VMI, InvestUp, and YDLI (Young Digital Leader Incubator). Aligned with our vision and mission, we actively shape the future of business in Vietnam, positioning ourselves not just as investors but as catalysts for growth.




VMCG engages with a broader picture to be one of the Vietnamese market leaders in investment consultancy and management, strategy consultancy and training, digital platform development and education consultancy, as well as business incubator and accelerator operation.



We are providing proper and timely services and solutions for optimizing the business values of local and overseas clients.
We are creating typical marketplaces which can intelligently match the providers and the buyers.
We are monitoring and investing in potential startups, especially those appropriate to our investment portfolio and ecosystem.

Core Values

Core Values

In VMCG, we pursue these core values to chase our mission:
- Integrity
- Optimizing
- Innovative
- Globally-standardized
- Fully-commitment
- Life-Learning



VMCG provides consulting on business strategy planning, membership program development, business model transformation to digital platforms, data strategy... for businesses in Vietnam and foreign businesses with this potential market.


Being one of the pioneer in education, training and incubator in Vietnam, VMCG’s top leaders are still contributing to Vietnam education with various activities, from K12 schools to C-Level training facilities.


We invest in startups or companies who are appropriate to our investment portfolio and ecosystem especially those that use technology as a disruptive platform or have creative business model. The mentoring and incubating activities help us to select and assure the quality of potential investments.


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