Our vision
Market leader
Our goal is to be a market leader in effective marketing agency, business intelligence consultancy and market-place builder in Vietnam and a regional notable player.
Our missions
Optimizing business values
Providing proper and timely services and solutions that can optimize business values of local clients as well as overseas customers; creating typical market places that can intelligently match the providers and the buyers; mentoring and investing in potential tech startups.
Core values
Four VIET elements
Our core values are based on and pursue these 4 VIET core values: Valuableness, Innovation, Efficiency and Technology.

Partners & Customers



Industry 4.0 is not a revolution only of technology

but also of business intelligence.

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Our range of Business

Marketing & Media
By owning outstanding human resources and high-quality suppliers,
VMCG is the reliable companion in communications and media campaigns for diverse clients including airports, airlines, banks, telecom corporations, real estate, hotels and resorts, cafes and restaurants, fashion and cosmetics, hospitals, taxi and luxury cars.
Customer Services
With ten-year experience of customer service provider,
VMCG has continuously worked with our clients to assure their best Quality, Value and Service to meet their customers’ needs.
A mentor and an incubator is priceless resources
for any company, especially for companies that are in the startup stage. If an entrepreneur can benefit from mentoring or incubation, his/her chances of success (and the scale of success) are very likely to be higher than otherwise. We provide you both of the above.
Loyalty Programs
Being the developer and operator of top companies' loyalty programs,
VMCG became a close companion of various high-quality merchants and partners. We always create unique win-win loyalty programs for both our clients and our partners.
Tourism & Hospitality
Travel, hotel and dining booking platform
2 of the youngest subsidiaries of VMCG, TopHotels and FoodIzzi, are also expected to be its flagships. FoodIzzi is a cutting-edge food and beverages app, whereas TopHotels allows high-end travelers to book multiple travel services at one place.
Education & Training
Being one of the pioneer in education and educational publishing in Vietnam,
VMCG’s top leaders are still contributing to Vietnam education with various activities, from K12 schools to tech academy for young learners named KiddiCode.
Technology for Business
Pursuing our 4 VIET core values: Valuable, Innovative, Efficient and Technologies,
VMCG has continuously invested in various core technology teams and become currently expert in mass-user online and mobile platforms, data analytics and business intelligence. Our R&D activities are also gaining achievements on artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) in vision of becoming an excellent Industry 4.0 pioneer.
Venture & Holdings
We invest in startups or matured companies
who are appropriate to our investment porfolio and who can benefit and contribute to our business eco-system. The mentoring and incubating activities help us to select and assure the quality of potential investments.
Group of excellent brands and companies.
VMCG | Group of Excellence
Online Travel Booking Platform
TopHotels is the first travel booking platform that focuses on high-income travelers in Vietnam. The synergy of TopHotels is created by a cutting-edge travel booking website, an e-magazine and a bi-annual mega-sale event called “TopHotels Premier Days” along with strong multimedia communications channels.
Superior membership program
With the foundation of a premium membership program since 2012, LinkCard is proud to offer members the superior and indulging experiences. Card owners will have the access to VIP lounges in main international airports in Vietnam. They also enjoy other priorities and benefits as in LinkCard’s periodical partnership programs.
Design and Creative
eSign is a team of young, dynamic and above all, creative designers who are hungry for new projects and who are always willing to create something new and beautiful for our partners and customers.
Aviation Luxury
Luxurious lifestyle magazine for frequent fliers
Aviation Luxury is one of the leading magazines for frequent fliers. Aviation Luxury’s categories include all categories that attract high-end readers, ex. fashion, lifestyle, travel destinations, hotels and resorts, health care, education, technology and investment. Aviation Luxury also has a huge business network that can create synergy for all of our partners.
Smart F&B Ordering & Booking Platform
With the multiple smart-function, customer-focusing and merchant-assisting automation platform, along with group-owned network of sales and marketing, FOODIZZI creates best consumer experiences as well as optimizes partners’ business performance and maximize their benefit in a socially responsible way.
Tech academy for young learners
KiddiCode provides courses of different levels and subjects that help young learners developing their critical thinking ability as well as stimulating their creativity. The coding courses at KiddiCode has received excellent feedback from schools, parents and learners.
Viet Management Communication
Marketing and Communication Agency
VMC looks to empower brands with strong competences and knowledge in marketing and communication. Having worked with many market leaders from a wide range of industries in Vietnam, VMC is a key strategic business units of VMCG.
B2B membership program
LinkCare allows enterprises to develop their own membership and customer care platform, dedicated to their own privileged clients or customers.
Business Intelligence is about providing the right data at the right time to the right people

so that they can take the right decisions.

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