[RECAP] InvestUp Networking Private Meeting: Singapore - Vietnam

The recent Networking Event hosted by InvestUp was truly a remarkable gathering that brought together the best minds in the business from both Vietnam and Singapore. The collaboration between VMCG Capital and Digital Business Network (DBN) from Singapore was nothing short of inspiring, fostering connections and discussions among nearly 30 companies present at the event. It was a testament to the power of networking and the potential for cross-border partnerships.

Networking Event plays a vital role in business and investment promotion by facilitating relationship building, knowledge sharing, lead generation, market research, access to capital, innovation, brand visibility, global expansion, professional development, and mentorship.

This event highlighted diverse industries, offering promising opportunities for companies exploring collaborations beyond borders. The synergies forged during networking sessions set the stage for mutually beneficial endeavors between businesses in Vietnam and Singapore.

We would like to express huge thank you to VVC Space for hosting our event. The fantastic venue played a key role in creating a vibrant atmosphere for meaningful connections.

Also, appreciation to the LinkCare Solutions team for going above and beyond by offering fast-track services at the airport for all DBN members. LinkCare is an expert in customer services, partnership development, loyalty and membership programs.

Stay tuned for exciting collaborations and upcoming projects shaping our interconnected business landscape. The possibilities are endless, and the seeds of partnership planted during this event will undoubtedly blossom into fruitful endeavors.